Boost in Power: Kusile’s Unit 4 Springs Back to Life

In a significant move towards energy stability, the Kusile Power Station witnessed the triumphant return of its Unit 4.

A Megawatt Makeover: Unit 4, after a meticulous 20-day maintenance hiatus, is now back in the game, pumping an impressive 800 megawatts back into the grid. This not only compensates for the power that was held back during its downtime but also trims 800 megawatts from Eskom’s maintenance list.

Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, our trusted Minister in the Presidency for Electricity, couldn’t contain his optimism during a recent press briefing on the country’s ambitious Energy Action Plan. He proudly announced that Unit 4 rejoined the grid early Sunday.

A Glance at Other Units: However, Kusile’s tale isn’t just about Unit 4. Units 1, 2, and 3 experienced some hiccups last October, thanks to a glitch in their flue-gas desulphurisation (FGD) mechanism. The malfunction took a toll on their stacks. But here’s the silver lining: these units are slated to be operational between October and November 2023.

Ramokgopa quipped, “The timeline for Unit 3’s comeback got a month trim, making 14 October our new D-day. As for Unit 1? Mark 30 October on your calendars. And while the initial prediction for Unit 2’s return was Christmas Eve, we’re now looking at 30 November 2023.”

Tackling Load Shedding: With the nation grappling with the load shedding menace, including the notorious Stage 6, Kusile emerges as our beacon of hope.

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In a Sunday afternoon bulletin, Eskom laid out the plan. “Post a hike in generation capacity, we’re diving into Stage 2 load shedding from 4 pm Sunday to 4 pm Monday. Then, brace for Stage 4 till 5 am Tuesday, after which it’s back to Stage 2 till 4 pm.”

So, what’s next? “Rinse and repeat” as per Eskom.