A Glimmer of Hope in South Africa’s Power Woes: Minister Tours Kusile Power Station

Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, the Minister in the Presidency, appointed to address the critical electricity situation, is slated for a crucial tour to the Kusile Power Station today.

Three significant units of the power station are currently inactive due to a malfunction in the flue gas duct that happened last October, leading to an alarming loss of 2400MW of capacity for Eskom. However, there is hope as these units are anticipated to be back in service before the end of this year.

Power Station Check-Up

As part of his visit, Minister Ramokgopa will be updated on the progress towards bringing the four Kusile units back online by December. He will also conduct a field inspection of the ongoing construction project at Kusile.

As the official Government Communication and Information System statement outlines, the government has initiated measures to enhance the performance of Eskom’s existing coal fleet to address load shedding. The minister’s visit is in line with these efforts, intending to ensure Kusile is on the right trajectory to produce the much-needed megawatts.

Between Stage 3 and 5 Load Shedding: Eskom’s Current Status

In related news, Eskom has announced that South Africa will oscillate between Stage 3 and 5 load shedding until further notice. Stage 3 will be activated between 5 am and 4 pm daily, followed by Stage 5 from 4 pm to 5 am.

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At present, power station breakdowns account for 16,486MW of generating capacity, with an additional 3,817MW out of service due to scheduled maintenance.

In their statement, Eskom acknowledged that a unit at Duvha Power Station was recently sidelined due to malfunction. Furthermore, delays in reinstating units at various other power stations continue to compound capacity constraints. The utility provider commends the tireless efforts of its team working to bring generating units back online as promptly as possible.

Eskom also extended its gratitude to South Africans conscientiously saving electricity, including those turning off geysers from 5 pm to 9 pm, which significantly helps alleviate pressure on the power system and avoid escalated stages of load shedding.

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