Load Shedding Today

What’s Happening on the Ground
If you’re in South Africa today, chances are you’ve already felt the impact of load shedding. It’s a reality of life here, an integral part of our daily narrative.

Current Load Shedding Status
As of today, we’re dealing with load shedding. It’s a pattern we’ve become familiar with – power supply has been adjusted in response to system pressure, and areas across the country are facing periodic power outages.

Load Shedding Impact

  • The Morning Rush: The early morning rush to work and school is often affected. Peak time, from 6 am to 9 am, can see load shedding spike to a staggering 1,400MW.

  • After Work Mayhem: The evening rush, as households start to recharge batteries and inverter systems, poses another challenge. The demand surge threatens grid stability, and load shedding is ramped up accordingly.

Surviving Load Shedding: Quick Tips

  • Charge Ahead: Whenever possible, try to charge devices during off-peak hours to help ease the demand on the grid.

  • Adapt to the Situation: Use solar panels to charge batteries during the day when solar output is at its maximum.

Looking Forward
While load shedding is a significant inconvenience, it’s also a signal that South Africa is managing its resources responsibly, striving to balance supply and demand in a challenging context. We’re in this together, navigating the day’s load shedding and hoping for brighter, and more electrically stable, days ahead.

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