eThekwini Municipality Announces Revised Load Shedding Schedule for Residents

eThekwini Municipality, located in South Africa, has released a statement informing residents that a revised load shedding schedule will be implemented starting from May 25, 2023. The decision to revise the schedule comes after discussions between the municipality and Eskom, the country’s national power utility. The municipality has been operating under a reduced level of load shedding since the devastating floods that occurred in April 2022, which severely impacted the city’s electrical network.

Despite ongoing infrastructure repair efforts, the municipality recognizes the national necessity of reducing the load on the grid. As a result, eThekwini Municipality is compelled to revert to the normal load shedding stages experienced throughout the country. However, the municipality acknowledges that certain areas are still grappling with flood damage, making it unsafe to switch off some substations due to potential risks to residents and infrastructure.

The revised load shedding schedule is currently being finalized by the city and will be promptly shared with the public once ready. As part of the amendments, suburban block allocations have been adjusted to accommodate necessary changes. Residents are advised to check their suburbs against the new block numbers once the schedule is published.

Notably, areas with a significant industrial presence have been allocated to Blocks 17 to 20. These areas will experience power outages starting from Stage 7, with each outage lasting four hours. The purpose of this arrangement is to mitigate the impact of load shedding on production activities in the affected industrial zones.

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To minimize disruptions and prevent power surges when electricity is restored, customers are strongly encouraged to reduce their overall electricity usage during load shedding periods. Additionally, switching off high-load appliances during power outages will contribute to preventing extended periods without electricity.

It is crucial for eThekwini residents to stay informed and remain vigilant about the upcoming changes to the load shedding schedule. By adhering to the revised schedule and implementing energy-saving practices, residents can collectively contribute to a smoother transition through this challenging period of power management.

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