Eskom’s Weekend Power Forecast: Mixing Stage 1 and Stage 3 Load shedding

South Africa’s primary electricity provider, Eskom, has confirmed a slight alleviation in the load-shedding schedule for the upcoming weekend. The public utility announced a mix of stage 1 and stage 3 rotations.

The Revised Timetable

The shift towards reduced peak-time load-shedding is a result of lower demand, enabling Eskom to implement stage 1 load-shedding until 16:00 on Friday. Thereafter, the load-shedding escalates to stage 3 until 05:00 on Saturday morning. The cycle of daytime stage 1 load-shedding (05:00-16:00) and stage 3 during evenings and early mornings (16:00-05:00) will persist indefinitely.

Take note, however, Eskom tends to revise its load-shedding timetable on Sunday afternoons, preparing for the surge in demand typical of business days.

Eskom’s Power Stations: A Breakdown

As it stands, 15,901MW of Eskom’s generating capacity remains unavailable due to power station breakdowns. Additionally, a further 4,014MW is offline, undergoing scheduled maintenance.

Within the past 24 hours, Eskom successfully reinstated one generating unit at the Camden Power Station. In contrast, a generating unit at Matla, and two at Camden and Kriel power stations have been sidelined for repairs.

Moreover, delays in resuming operations at a generating unit at Kendal and two units at Tutuka are exacerbating capacity constraints. It appears these units have been nonoperational for approximately a month. As of 28 June 2023, Tutuka had one unit out of service, increasing to two by the first week of July.

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In light of these circumstances, Eskom is appealing to the public to decrease demand by switching off non-essential appliances.

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