Eskom’s Load-Shedding Forecast: From Saturday Through Monday

Power Updates at a Glance:

  • Saturday: Stage 3 all day
  • Sunday: Flips from Stage 1 (5am-4pm) to Stage 3 (4pm-5am)
  • Monday: Starts with Stage 3 (until 5am) then Stage 1 (5am-4pm)
  • Future updates: Awaited on Monday or upon significant changes

Behind the Outages: Eskom’s had a challenging time with a staggering 21,000MW of power offline. Digging deeper:

  • Breakdown-induced outages: 16,547MW
  • Maintenance-induced outages: 4,507MW

In a brief respite, Eskom noted, “Over the past 24 hours, a generating unit at Arnot and two generating units at Matla power stations were returned to service.” But it wasn’t all good news. Units from several power stations, including Camden, Duvha, and Kendal, went offline for fixes. The extended outage of a unit at Kendal and two at Tutuka have been problematic, with Eskom citing, “The delay…is contributing to the current capacity constraints.

A Call to Action: Facing power constraints, Eskom urges the public: Reduce power demand. How? Switch off those non-essentials. Every bit helps.

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