Eskom’s Latest Announcement: Stage 5 and 6 Load Shedding to Continue Indefinitely

Eskom, the South African power utility company, announced that rotational schedule of load shedding will continue indefinitely, moving between stage 5 and stage 6 cuts. Eskom’s rotational model currently implements stage 6 until 5 AM, followed by stage 5 until 4 PM, with stage 6 returning from 4 PM to 5 AM. The company claims that the load shedding’s current pattern will continue until further notice, leaving South African citizens without respite from the electric power shutdowns. Eskom first adapted to their new schedule on Monday, following a prolonged period of stage 6 load shedding that started in December 2021. Despite being unable to supply sufficient electricity to justify a relaxation of electricity cuts, the power utility insists that it is not load shedding beyond stage 6 levels (a maximum of 6,000MW).

On Tuesday, Eskom shed 6,226MW from the grid, a mix of stage 4 load curtailment and stage 6 load shedding. Accordingly, while it synchronised Koeberg unit 1 to the grid late last Sunday, Eskom faces disobedient compliance with their rotational schedule of load shedding.

Load Shedding Schedule South Africa

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Eskom’s got your back, working hard to keep the lights on! Stay informed and plan your weekend accordingly with this updated load shedding schedule. And remember, we’re all in this together!

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