Eskom’s Adaptive Approach: An Ever-Changing Load Shedding Landscape

Latest News:
Eskom, South Africa’s primary power utility, announced a continuation in its suspension of load shedding on Thursday, thanks to enhanced generation capabilities.


  • Why the Suspension? Improved generation and fewer breakdowns, now sitting at 13,501MW of generation capacity, have enabled this break.
  • But There’s a Catch: While daytime relief persists, power cuts resume by evening. Specifically, stage 3 load shedding takes over from 16h00 until 05h00 on Friday.

The Schedule You Need to Know:

  • Thursday, 21 September:
    • Midnight to 02h30: Stage 3
    • 02h30 to 16h00: Load shedding suspended
    • 16h00 to Midnight: Stage 3
  • Friday, 22 September:
    • Midnight to 05h00: Stage 3
    • Post 05h00: Yet to be disclosed

A Fresh Tactic:
Eskom seems to be testing new waters this week, shifting from its routine schedules. Instead, they’re adopting a day-to-day assessment approach, moulded by the grid’s real-time health. This dynamic strategy has brought more hours of uninterrupted power, contrasting sharply with the previous week’s relentless stage 6 load shedding.

Stay tuned for any pivotal updates from Eskom, and adjust your plans accordingly.

Accessing Load Shedding Schedules

We are pleased to inform you that accessing load shedding schedules tailored to your specific area is now simplified, thanks to

How to Access the Schedule:

  1. Visit Load shedding Schedule.
  2. Enter your suburb name to view the schedule for upcoming days.
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If you’re uncertain about your suburb’s name, kindly refer to Eskom’s Loadshedding Site for assistance.

Device Compatibility: The platform is optimized for a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers.

Pro-tip: Bookmark your suburb on the site for quicker access in the future.

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