Eskom Expands Load Limiting Initiative to Bedford, Eastern Cape

Smart Energy Management

Eskom is set to introduce its innovative load limiting project in Bedford, Eastern Cape, following a successful trial in Adelaide. This initiative, part of Eskom’s strategy to balance electricity supply and demand, utilizes smart meter technology to minimize the disruption of load shedding for residents.

Key Details:

  • Project Goal: Allow the use of essential appliances up to 10 Amperes during stages 1 to 4 of load shedding.

How It Works:

  • Smart Meter Activation: Customers in pilot areas will receive an alert an hour before load shedding begins, advising them to reduce their usage to 10 Amperes.
  • Automatic Adjustments: If consumption exceeds the limit, the smart meter will attempt to reduce it automatically, with a final reset after three attempts.

Advantages for Customers:

  • Essential Usage: Enables the continued use of critical appliances like lights, TVs, and fridges.
  • Reliable Restoration: Aims to prevent delayed power restoration post-load shedding.
  • Infrastructure Protection: Helps prevent theft, vandalism, and equipment fatigue.

Customer Responsibility:

  • Active Participation: Residents are urged to switch off non-essential devices, maintaining essential usage within the 10 Ampere limit.

Eskom’s Mbulelo Yedwa emphasizes the role of this technology in ensuring electricity stability during critical periods. This move towards smarter energy solutions highlights Eskom’s commitment to enhancing service delivery while mitigating the adverse effects of load shedding on its customers.

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