Eskom Announces Load Shedding Suspension Until Friday

Monday, December 18, 2023 – Eskom, South Africa’s primary electricity supplier, has brought some relief to its consumers by announcing a suspension of load shedding activities until 4 pm on Friday. The utility confirmed this much-welcomed news through social media, citing a significant improvement in their generating capacity.

Load Shedding Update:

  • Suspension Duration: Until 4 pm, Friday.
  • Reason: Consistent improvement in generating capacity.
  • Eskom’s Assurance: Close monitoring of the power system; communication on any major changes.

In a parallel development, Eskom’s Chief Financial Officer, Calib Cassim, is set to extend his 21-year tenure with the company. Cassim, who has been acting as Eskom’s Group Chief Executive, will continue his role even after Dan Marokane steps in as CEO in 2024.

Calib Cassim’s Statement:

  • Commitment: Continued contribution to Eskom’s turnaround plans.
  • Acknowledgment: Thanks to the Board and Shareholder Ministry for support.
  • Teamwork: Appreciation for the EXCO and Eskom employees’ support.
  • Praise for Martin Buys: Recognized for his interim role as CFO.

Eskom’s board chairperson, Mteto Nyati, commended Cassim’s performance, noting the positive response from the Top 400 senior leaders of Eskom to both Marokane’s appointment and Cassim’s contributions. Cassim’s interim leadership was highlighted as bringing sustainability and stability to the organization.

Nyati’s Comments:

  • Appreciation for Cassim: His passion for Eskom and effective interim leadership.
  • Positive Reception: Enthusiasm for Dan Marokane’s upcoming tenure as CEO.
  • Commitment: Eskom’s board’s confidence in Cassim’s ongoing role as CFO.
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This announcement comes as a positive note for Eskom, aiming to balance operational efficiency with leadership stability. The power utility remains focused on sustaining its current momentum towards a more stable electricity supply for the nation. –