EcoFlow RIVER 2: A Compact Powerhouse Worth every Watt

A formidable player in the arena of portable power solutions, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station boasts a range of features and capabilities that make it an excellent choice for those seeking a dependable power backup system or a reliable off-grid power source.

The first thing to note about this power station standing petite yet sturdy is its compactness. The lightweight nature of the unit exemplifies its portability, making it easy to transport and store. Despite this, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 provides substantial power output and robust performance, proving that big things indeed come in small packages.

Integrating advanced technology, the RIVER 2 comes with a very user-friendly app that gives you control and monitoring capabilities remotely. This ability to keep track of your power station’s workings from a distance instills a sense of convenience and assurance, especially when you’ve got other tasks at hand.

Beyond its impressive technology and sleek packaging, the functionality of the RIVER 2 is a key highlight. This power station can charge and recharge quickly, thereby reducing the downtime you unknowingly commit to when waiting for your power solution to be ready for use. Its ability to hold considerable charge and refill it within a short span undoubtedly marks it as an efficient power companion.

The RIVER 2’s resourcefulness is reflected in the variety of devices it can support. With enough ports to cater to all your charging needs, this power station offers you power flexibility and avenues to keep multiple devices up and running in tandem.

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River 2 Key Specifications

  • Achieve full power in just one hour
  • A decade of dependable and risk-free usage
  • Unlimited charging capacity
  • Energizes virtually all your gadgets up to 99%
  • Instant power in a portable package
  • Seamless home backup with rapid 30ms transition
  • Ready-to-use energy always at hand
  • Backed by a robust 5-year warranty
  • Intelligent safeguarding with our battery protection system

Discovering the Power of Convenience

One can’t overlook its excellent battery capacity, a fundamental aspect that forms the backbone of this unit. With 80% efficiency, the battery’s power holding and delivering capabilities align with the standards set in the power station market, only adding to the reliability quotient of this unit.

Overall, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station is an appealing mix of style, strength, and convenience. It manages to encapsulate power, fast-charging capability, portability, and usability into a single unit that lives up to its promise of delivering a robust performance.

Whether you need to power up your devices during an outdoor adventure, require a travel-friendly power source during a trip, or merely want a reliable Plan B for unexpected power outages, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 appears to be a standout choice that accommodates various power needs thoughtfully and efficiently. Its positive impact on your power-source related convenience could very well make it an indispensable part of your life, boosting productivity, flexibility, and peace of mind, regardless of where you utilize it.

The EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station, with all its features and advantages, presents itself as not just a product to use, but an investment worth making in convenience and reassurance. A solid fusion of design, utility, and innovation, this power station is an attractive proposition for anyone looking to simplify their access to reliable power, anytime and anywhere.

A Strong Defense Against South Africa's Load Shedding Dilemma

In South Africa, the reality of load shedding can cast a shadow over even the sunniest day. However, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station is your silver lining, offering an efficient and flexible solution to power fluctuation woes.

Firstly, let’s talk power versatility. With the RIVER 2, you’ll be able to keep your essential devices up and running, from your smartphone and laptop to the essential kitchen appliances. You no longer have to worry about that meat in the fridge spoiling or missing that all-important Zoom call.

Fast charger? Indeed! The RIVER 2 boasts super-quick charging, meaning it’s ready to back you up just when you need it. Importantly, it has multiple ports to serve various devices, making it ideal for supporting all your electronics during load shedding.

Its compact size and lightweight design confirm the RIVER 2 as the perfect in-home power solution, never intruding on your space, and easy to move around as needed. Plus, it’s user-friendly, with a handy app that adds a layer of convenience in managing its operation and monitoring its status.

Despite the initial investment, the EcoFlow RIVER 2 is a cost-effective power solution in the long run. Imagine the comfort in knowing your essential appliances will keep running during load shedding, or the assurance of having a stable power source whenever you need it.

Incorporating this power station into your load shedding contingency plan places you a step ahead in dealing with unforeseen power outages. It truly is power insurance when instability hits. So, invest in an EcoFlow RIVER 2 Portable Power Station and put the power back in your hands, ensuring peace of mind and reliability when the lights go out. One thing for certain, you won’t regret it!

Portable Power Station Comparison


R 5.999
  • AC Output: 300W total
  • Charge 0-100% in only 60 mins
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty


R 12.999
  • AC Output: 500W total
  • Charge 0-100% in only 60 mins
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty


R 19.999
  • AC Output: 1800W total
  • Charge 0%-80% within 1 hour
  • Solar extension available
  • 24 months warranty


R 24.999
  • AC Output: 2200W total
  • Charge 0%-80% 50 minutes
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty

160W Solar Panel

Rated Power : 160W (±5W)

Efficiency : 21-22%

220W Solar Panel

Rated Power:220 Watts

Efficiency : 22-23%

400W Solar Panel

Rated Power : 400W (±5W)

Efficiency : 22.6% provides users with real-time updates on the load shedding schedule for their specific area, allowing them to plan ahead and prepare for power cuts. also offers tips and advice on how to conserve energy during load shedding, as well as provide information on backup power solutions, such as inverters, generators or solar panels. With features such as notifications, location search and the latest news, can help users stay informed and reduce the inconvenience of power cuts. Whether you are at home, work, or on the go, is a useful tool to have during times of electricity shortage.


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