EcoFlow DeltaA 2: The Power Solution You've Been Waiting For

In the world of portable power solutions, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station makes a statement. This powerful, user-friendly, and portable device ticks all the right boxes for anyone seeking a reliable and robust power source, whether for home backup power, off-grid adventures, or professional uses.

First impressions hold significant weight, and the DELTA 2 doesn’t disappoint. Its sleek, compact design is well-crafted to function efficiently without sacrificing aesthetics. Light enough to transport with one hand, yet sturdy enough to stand the test of time, it crowns itself as a versatile power solution fitting into crowded trunks or home storage spaces effortlessly.

With an impressive capacity of 1400Wh and 1800W power output, the DELTA 2 showcases its abilities to power a variety of appliances and devices. From your everyday electronics like smartphones and laptops to more substantial appliances like small refrigerators or power tools, the DELTA 2 packs sufficient power to keep your devices humming reliably.

One of the DELTA 2’s distinctive traits is its fast charging capability. Imagine powering up a device that can further power tens of devices in an hour. This speaks volumes about its efficiency that minimizes the otherwise hefty downtime associated with traditional power backups.

But it doesn’t stop at conventional power input sources. The DELTA 2 demonstrates versatility by also accommodating solar charging, underlining its readiness to adapt to varied user scenarios and preferences.

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Delta 2 Key Specifications

  • Scalable energy capacity ranging from 1-3 kWh
  • Remarkably high AC power output
  • AC charging speed that’s seven times faster
  • Environmentally friendly without compromising on speed
  • Designed for durability with a sixfold lifespan
  • Manage and monitor from any location
  • Reliable with a 5-year warranty
  • Inbuilt battery management in DELTA 2 ensures longevity and safety
  • Perfect as an emergency power solution

Transforming Portable Power Expectations

What makes the DELTA 2 a cut above your average power station is its provision for extended capacity. The ability to expand with additional batteries means you can willingly upgrade your power backup scenario without needing multiple setups. Now, that’s thoughtful engineering!

The convenience of the DELTA 2 extends beyond portability and power. It incorporates an app that provides control and monitoring comfort, allowing you to manage your power station even when you’re out in the open, enjoying an adventure or while busy with indoor tasks.

High capacity, quick charging, versatility, portability, and user-control synergize to make the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station an enticing option for power-conscious consumers. Whether it’s an RV adventure you are planning, an outdoor worksite that needs reliable power, or a home in need of a trustworthy backup source during power outages, the DELTA 2 stands ready to deliver.

Sure, it’s much more than an ’emergency use’ device. It possesses the capacity to be an everyday power solution, a go-to device for reliable power, and the comfort of having ‘wall power’ without the wall. Lighter on weight but heavy on power and features, it justifies its place in your home, workspace, or travel gear.

In summation, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station is not just a portable powerhouse; it is a testimony to technology’s ability to provide everyday solutions that enhance convenience and empower experiences. Its reliability and power performance, combined with advanced features and user-convenience, not just complement but uplift user experiences, making power interruptions a worry of the past.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a professional seeking powerful and portable power solutions, or a homeowner preparing for unexpected power blackout scenarios, consider the EcoFlow DELTA 2. With this power station, you’re investing not only in a product that ticks the right boxes but also in an ecosystem that understands and works to meet your power needs efficiently and effectively.

Taking Charge of Load Shedding with EcoFlow Delta 2 in South Africa

If you’re in South Africa and often find yourself in the dark due to load shedding, investing in the EcoFlow DELTA 2 Portable Power Station could be the brilliant solution you’ve been searching for.

The DELTA 2 seizes center stage with its incredible 1400Wh capacity and 1800W power output. Picture this: a full day’s charge in just under 2 hours. So, even as you brace for unplanned power outages, the charging speed ensures you’re ready with power backup in a snap.

What sets DELTA 2 apart is its versatility. Its multiple outputs mean you can run a range of appliances, from your refrigerator, TV to smaller gadgets like laptops and phones. So, those routine disruptions due to load shedding can now be smoothly mitigated.

The compact, lightweight design and the addition of a user-friendly app make the DELTA 2 a practical and easy-to-use power solution, whether you’re dealing with load shedding or heading for an adventurous trip. The app also gives you full control and monitoring access over the power station from anywhere, offering an unprecedented level of convenience.

One of the most compelling reasons to consider DELTA 2 is the opportunity for capacity expansion with additional batteries. This is a game-changer, allowing you to scale your power solution as per your growing needs.

Remember, the EcoFlow DELTA 2 is not a cost but an investment – an investment in uninterpreted power, comfort, and peace of mind. Think about the ease of having reliable power during load shedding, the savings you’ll make avoiding wasted food in the refrigerator or the comfort of maintaining a cool or warm room temperature regardless of the power situation. Trust me; you’ll find the DELTA 2 pays for itself very quickly. So, let’s step into the future of sustainable power with DELTA 2 and say goodbye to load shedding stress.


Portable Power Station Comparison


R 5.999
  • AC Output: 300W total
  • Charge 0-100% in only 60 mins
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty


R 12.999
  • AC Output: 500W total
  • Charge 0-100% in only 60 mins
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty


R 19.999
  • AC Output: 1800W total
  • Charge 0%-80% within 1 hour
  • Solar extension available
  • 24 months warranty


R 24.999
  • AC Output: 1800W total
  • Charge 0%-80% 50 minutes
  • Solar extension available
  • 5 years warranty

160W Solar Panel

Rated Power : 160W (±5W)

Efficiency : 21-22%

220W Solar Panel

Rated Power:220 Watts

Efficiency : 22-23%

400W Solar Panel

Rated Power : 400W (±5W)

Efficiency : 22.6% provides users with real-time updates on the load shedding schedule for their specific area, allowing them to plan ahead and prepare for power cuts. also offers tips and advice on how to conserve energy during load shedding, as well as provide information on backup power solutions, such as inverters, generators or solar panels. With features such as notifications, location search and the latest news, can help users stay informed and reduce the inconvenience of power cuts. Whether you are at home, work, or on the go, is a useful tool to have during times of electricity shortage.


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