Load Shedding Weekend Update

As the weekend approaches, there’s more on our plate than just planning brunches and lazing around. Eskom, the national power utility, has some important updates for all of us.

The Weekend Load Shedding Schedule

Eskom’s latest communication flags the return of load shedding this weekend. To recap from their Monday’s #PowerAlert:

Friday, 25 August 2023: Loadshedding will continue to be implemented as per the pattern previously communicated, where Stage 3 loadshedding is implemented from 16:00 until 05:00 and Stage 1 loadshedding is implemented from 05:00 until 16:00. Eskom will communicate should any significant changes occur.


Six Tips to Blackout-Proof Your Weekend

  1. Surge Protection: With load shedding, electric surges become a norm. These can wreak havoc on your beloved gadgets. A surge protector, either at your main electrical board or individual power outlets, can be a gadget-saver.
  2. Backup for Your Security Systems: Ensure that your alarm system isn’t just functional, but its backup battery is also in top shape. You don’t want to compromise on security.
  3. Illuminate Your Path: A simple torch in your car can make a world of difference, especially if you’re reaching home during Load Shedding. Although our smartphones are usually our go-to, it’s always good to save their battery for more essential tasks.
  4. Emergency Contacts – Old School & Digital: It’s a tech era, but sometimes, the old-school way can save the day. Store essential emergency contacts on your phone. Still, also keep a tangible list. This list should include emergency services and personal contacts, plus any insurance details.
  5. Charge Up: Your gadgets – cellphones, tablets, laptops – should be fully juiced up, especially if a power cut is on the horizon. After a blackout, charge them ASAP. And yes, investing in a good power bank? Always a bright idea.
  6. The Culinary Workaround: An LP gas bottle can be your best friend during load shedding. Not only can it light up a room, but it’s perfect for cooking and boiling water. Here’s a pro tip: keep some hot water stored in a thermal flask. That way, your tea or coffee fix is always just a pour away. And if you’re aware of an upcoming blackout, maybe prep your meals in advance.

Load shedding can be a hassle, but with a bit of planning and some smart steps, we can navigate it with minimal disruptions. Remember, it’s not just about managing Load Shedding but ensuring safety and convenience during those times. Stay safe, and fingers crossed for less Load Shedding in the future!

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