Load Shedding On Hold until 16:00 today

Eskom’s Recent Bulletin “Good news for those enjoying their Saturday morning brew. Load shedding took a little break today, hitting the pause button at 12:50 PM. But, brace yourselves – it’s set to resume at 16:00. We’ll be diving into Stage 3 darkness till 05:00 on Sunday morning, then switching gears to Stage 1 till the same time in the afternoon.

“Saturday, 26 August 2023: Load shedding was suspended at 12:50 this afternoon until 16:00, due to lower weekend demand. Stage 3 load shedding will resume from 16:00 today until 05:00 on Sunday, followed by Stage 1 load shedding until 16:00. Eskom will provide further bulletins if things change.”Source: Eskom

Weekend Guide to Conquering Load Shedding:

  • Guard Your Gadgets: Electric surges are the sneaky villains during load shedding. Equip your home with surge protectors – they’re the unsung heroes in this saga.
  • Safety First: A working alarm system is good; one with a fully charged backup battery is even better. No compromises here.
  • Be the Light: How about a torch in your car? When modern tech fails, this classic comes to the rescue. Save your phone’s juice for the gram or emergency calls.
  • Contacts: Digital & Analog: Jot down those crucial numbers. Sure, we love our digital diaries, but an old-fashioned paper list of emergency and personal contacts is gold.
  • Power Up: Blackout looming? Get all your devices to 100%. And when the lights are back, recharge. Also, power banks? They’re not just for festivals.
  • Foodie Hacks: Got an LP gas bottle? It’s more than just a lantern. Whip up a meal or boil some water. Bonus: Store hot water in a flask, so that steaming cup of Joe is always within reach. Plan meals if you’re clued in about impending blackouts.
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Load shedding might test our patience, but hey, a little foresight goes a long way. It’s all about being prepared, staying safe, and keeping those disruptions at bay. Let’s weather this together and hope the future has fewer blackouts on the forecast! Cheers to a brighter tomorrow.