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Searching for a simpler method to ensure your lights remain on?

Purchase your electricity on the spot with Prepaid24 and also schedule reminders for your next buys!

Tap the button below to initiate your first transaction with Prepaid24 – ideal for immediate electricity needs.

Once registered, an expert consultant from our team will contact you to address any inquiries about Prepaid24.
After your initial purchase, you’ll also have the option to configure customized reminders for future electricity purchases.

Prepaid24: The Premier Choice for Prepaid Electricity in South Africa

Fed up with the uncertainty of your prepaid electricity refills?

Frustrated by the unexpected charges every time you recharge your electricity?

Look no further for a secure and straightforward solution to buy prepaid electricity without the annoyance of surprise fees.

Prepaid24 stands as South Africa’s foremost provider of prepaid electricity, offering fast and simple access to experts ready to support your prepaid requirements.

Experience the comfort of knowing that with Prepaid24, the hassle of being shuffled between call centers for assistance with your prepaid electricity is a thing of the past.

Our commitment to you drives us to deliver exceptional, 24/7 customer service to ensure your lights stay on.

Transparency is key at Prepaid24, allowing you to finally forget about hidden costs in your electricity purchases!

For more than ten years, Prepaid24 has been the go-to source for countless homeowners to efficiently manage their prepaid electricity needs, and we’re here to serve you too!

Click the button below to place your first order with South Africa’s top-rated provider.

Prepaid24: The Premier Choice for Prepaid Electricity in South Africa

Forgetting to buy electricity happens to the best of us, and it’s never a good feeling.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, overlooking an electricity top-up is understandable. There’s a lot on your mind, from ensuring the kids are picked up on time to countless other priorities.

Prepaid24 is here to shoulder the burden of remembering your electricity purchases for you. That’s why we introduced our Electricity Purchase Reminders service.

Imagine getting a gentle reminder via WhatsApp on your usual electricity buying days. With Prepaid24, this convenience becomes your reality, eliminating the hassle of remembering to make those essential electricity purchases.

Prepaid24 ensures you’re always prepared. For those who find themselves purchasing electricity several times a month, we’ve got you covered too. You can set up to three reminders each month, making sure you’re never caught off-guard without electricity.

This service is completely FREE for Prepaid24 customers and can be customized, updated, or cancelled anytime.

Take the step to join the ranks of South Africa’s leading online electricity service and let us help lighten your load.

Take Control Of Your Electricity Spend

Do you know how much you spent on electricity in the past month, or how it compares to your expenditure from the previous year?

For many, tracking electricity costs isn’t routine, yet understanding these expenses is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of your electricity usage.

Prepaid24, as your go-to electricity authority in South Africa, offers a seamless solution:

Every Prepaid24 customer enjoys access to a complimentary Monthly Electricity Breakdown for each meter listed in their account. Delivered on the first business day of each month, this detailed report outlines your electricity purchases, expenditure, and the kilowatts received for the prior month.

This exclusive service is unmatched by any other online provider.

Furthermore, your Monthly Electricity Breakdown provides a year-long snapshot of your electricity spending, revealing how your usage fluctuates with the seasons, school vacations, and varying load shedding schedules, offering insights into your consumption patterns.

Remember, you can’t optimize what you don’t measure. With Prepaid24, not only do you gain crucial insights into your electricity usage, but you also receive a potent tool for budgeting and enhancing your home’s energy efficiency.

Empower yourself with knowledge about your monthly electricity usage. Make the switch to purchasing with South Africa’s online electricity specialists. provides users with real-time updates on the load shedding schedule for their specific area, allowing them to plan ahead and prepare for power cuts. also offers tips and advice on how to conserve energy during load shedding, as well as provide information on backup power solutions, such as inverters, generators or solar panels. With features such as notifications, location search and the latest news, can help users stay informed and reduce the inconvenience of power cuts. Whether you are at home, work, or on the go, is a useful tool to have during times of electricity shortage.


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