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    Load shedding is a measure used to prevent a total blackout by cutting off the electric supply to certain areas on a rotational schedule during periods of high demand. While load shedding is meant to prevent power failures, it has caused severe disruption in people’s lives in Kuilsriver.

    Residents have been facing prolonged blackouts, which have lasted for hours at a time, making it difficult for them to carry out their daily activities. The power outages have disrupted businesses, schools, and households, leaving many without essential services, such as the ability to cook, charge devices and keeping perishable goods fresh.

    The impact of load shedding is being felt across the board, young and old alike. Students preparing for their matriculation exams are unable to study effectively, as the power outages are affecting their internet connection, and they aren’t able to use computers to access notes or take online classes.

    Businesses that rely on constant and stable electricity supply to operate are struggling to stay afloat. With power outages occurring frequently, businesses are forced to close early, costing them valuable time and revenue. The impact of load shedding on the economy of the area is also quite significant.

    Unfortunately, there’s not much that people can do to reduce the impact of these power outages, but there are some steps that residents can take to mitigate the effects of load shedding. These include:

    • Stocking up on essential supplies, such as food, water, and fuel.
    • Charging electronic devices while power is available.
    • Using alternative forms of lighting such as candles, torches, and solar-powered lamps.
    • Being prepared for the worst-case scenario and having a backup plan in place.

    The residents of Kuilsriver hope that Eskom can find a solution to the power crisis soon, so that they can return to their normal routines. Until then, they are doing their best to cope with the disruption and uncertainty brought on by the ongoing load shedding.

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