Eskom Se Push

Power outages can be disruptive and inconvenient. To help South Africans navigate this issue, a local start-up has launched a handy tool – Eskom Se Push, an app that promises to take the guesswork out of load shedding.

App Innovation Amid Energy Crises
Born out of frustration, Eskom Se Push was created by a team of South African developers, aiming to simplify the process of tracking power outages. The app has since become a beacon for millions of South Africans, offering real-time alerts and schedules to help them manage their lives around load shedding.

User-Friendly and Accurate
What sets Eskom Se Push apart is its user-friendly interface and precise updates. By inputting your location, you are immediately provided with an accurate load shedding schedule specific to your area. With push notifications, you’re alerted ahead of time, allowing you to prepare for the power outages.

From Start-up to Household Name
This free app has grown rapidly in popularity, boasting over five million downloads. The developers have managed to turn a frustrating situation into an opportunity, providing a service that makes life a little bit easier during load shedding.

As South Africa continues to grapple with energy challenges, tools like Eskom Se Push are becoming increasingly essential. They exemplify the innovative spirit of the nation, turning adversity into a chance for digital innovation.

Remember, the best way to navigate load shedding is to stay informed. Eskom Se Push is an excellent tool for doing just that.

    Please enter your suburb below in the search bar to display the most recent load shedding schedule for your area. provides users with real-time updates on the load shedding schedule for their specific area, allowing them to plan ahead and prepare for power cuts. also offers tips and advice on how to conserve energy during load shedding, as well as provide information on backup power solutions, such as inverters, generators or solar panels. With features such as notifications, location search and the latest news, can help users stay informed and reduce the inconvenience of power cuts. Whether you are at home, work, or on the go, is a useful tool to have during times of electricity shortage.


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